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29 gennaio 2011

looking back: Indian memories and dreams

These daysthe thought of India keeps coming to my mind, a lot!
Might be because, two years back this time, we were planning the two-weeks trip in the north-west area, taking advantage of the few free days we had left from our study plans.
It was me, Julie and a friend of hers coming from Germany for this trip.

In the beginning I was very doubtful about my participation. The other flatmates were back from their rajasthani trip by then, and they were enthusiastically showing pictures, and providing long stories about the experiences they made on their way to Ahmedabad. Lots of really dreamy shots and nice stories about nights out in the desert, crowded historical places and breathtaking landscapes.

But still Iwas not fully convinced whether I should set out on this adventure with, as companions,people I could hardly communicate with: the two girls were Germans and, after only 2 months, my ItalianEnglish was still pretty rusty.
Basically, I was afraid to leave my “safe area”, NID, the comfortable nest I hadmade for myself in the previous weeks… and the brand new routine of my life: completely different from the ones I had in the previous years of my life, but known and familiar.
Finally, I decided to take part in the trip: thankfully Julie insisted that much, cause not going could have been something I would have always regret in my life.
We spent two full weeks roaming around through Rajasthan first, and then, after reaching the white Taj Mahal, we reached Delhi, the crowded capital.
We experienced driving through the desertic Rajasthani landscape for hours,spotting black camels here and there. We clicked pictures in the Blue (myfavourite!), the Golden and the Pink city, enjoyed coffee on airy terraces inthe morning, treated elephants with minuscular biscuits, had fun on the indian trains.
I almost lost the train on my way back to Ahmedabad.
And whenever I think about these things again, I just wish I had a plane to catch, straight away…

The big lesson about this, when I recall that time when I was about to let the girls leave without me joining, is that life has to be lived in order to enjoy it, nomatter what. You’ll take the bad part with the good one, and you’ll end up –most of the time – remembering just the best part, and nurturing sweet memories.
In fact, I still remember the breeze through the car windows, the magic of a dinner on the terrace, and how cold was the Taj’s marble under my feet thatmorning.
Fear, uncertainty, preoccupation of being alone and not able to manage things faded away day by day, and left me more confident and incredibly more happy.
I wish I had some challenge like this to face.
I wish I had to leave again, to be and let me be the way I am.

If you haven't already, go see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNWeBVBqo2c&feature=player_embedded  :-)

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